What We Do

Transforming Notts Together (TNT) exists to equip churches and individuals to engage with their local communities, tackle poverty and bring positive and lasting change.

In this current season, we are using a mixture of online and in person delivery, as is appropriate. TNT offers workshops to help churches get started in their locality, build capacity of how they can serve, and join them up with good work that is already happening.

We facilitate a number of networks across the City and County to join up the dots of social action and increase our effectiveness. We believe in building sustainable local projects and, as well as meeting immediate needs, we aim to help build long term resilience in local communities. You can find out our areas of impact here.

We believe that bringing about meaningful change, in tackling poverty, is achievable. We believe that working together, to bring about change, is essential.
Will you work with us to Transform Notts Together?

Are you exploring how you or your church could get involved in social action? Get in touch to chat about how we can support you with this. Also here is…
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TNT is pleased to work with the national Places Of Welcome Network as the Notts Area Coordinator. It is a growing network of local community groups providing their neighbourhoods with…
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A volunteer-led programme supporting people affected by homelessness by building long-term relationships and connection.
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In the last few years, we have seen a tsunami of Grief overwhelming the nation, with few left unaffected
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Helping People Learn Budgeting and Money Management to Build Their Financial Confidence
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Building Relationships

Joining the Dots

Sometimes an Introduction Is All That's Needed
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