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Building Relationships

Joining the Dots

Sometimes an Introduction Is All That's Needed...

When asked what we do at TNT? We often reply that we join the dots!

For over 12 years, we have been working with over 300 churches, organisations and agencies as part of our networks across Nottinghamshire as we seek to:

Joining the dots 1

We have recently reshaped our Theory of Change and explored a new focus for the organisation based on proactively seeking out opportunities for co-production with the local voluntary Sector, City and District Councils, Nottinghamshire County Council Social Care and Integrated Care Board’s Place Based Partnerships.

TNT is proactively identifying key leaders in a wider range of organisations and sectors to help build mutual understanding between the public, voluntary and faith sector as to the co-production possibilities. Our ultimate aim is the endorsing and supporting greater co-production between the sectors with TNT being paid to coordinate and broker support with faith organisations at a local level.

This means we don’t just act in a linear model but create a vitreous spiral!

Joining the dots 2

Bespoke Connections

On a more formal level, Transforming Notts Together facilitate workshops and networks for churches and individuals seeking to make a difference in Nottingham.

However, sometimes all that's needed is an introduction to like minded people already running existing projects. At Transforming Notts Together, we partner with organisations who are involved in a myriad of ventures including- feeding families in school holidays, listening and supporting those who are bereaved, and working to make churches more accessible to the wider community. Our Faith Action Mansfield, Faith Action Support Ashfield and Christian Action Nottingham network meetings are a great way to get connected with others working in a similar field. To be added to the mailing list for these meetings, or any of the subgroup meetings, please email Leanne. The subgroups are:

* housing and homelessness

* children and families

* asylum seekers and refugees

* food and community

* finance and debt

* modern slavery

* mental health and wellbeing

* prisons and supporting ex-offenders

If you are looking to start up a new venture, or just want to explore more informally things that are already running successfully, please contact Simon. One of our development workers can arrange to chat with you and connect you with relevant people or organisations.


JOIN US in our bid to transform lives and communities by taking any of the following steps:

  • Explore how your church can engage with the work of TNT
  • Volunteer your time and energy
  • Donate your money either with a regular or one-off gift
  • Pray regularly for our most deprived communities, for all those seeking to support and transform them
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