Holiday Hunger

Food Poverty

Food poverty is a day-to-day reality for more and more people in the UK. In Nottingham City, one in five parents say they have skipped meals so their children could eat. And the problems are often worse during the school holidays.

For many families the school holidays are a struggle with the children at home 24/7 and no free school meals, so the weekly budget has to stretch further for food and there is little left for activities and treats.

With 21% of children living in poverty in Nottinghamshire, we believe that churches could do more to provide a valuable support for families in the holidays.

TNT works in a host of different ways to tackle food poverty in our communities. From supporting churches to set up or develop existing Holiday Clubs for families whose children receive free school meals, to providing expertise, help and advice to groups setting up community meals.

We also help draw together those working hard to offer food so that we can have a more effective and joined up approach across the county. We work with Nottingham City and Notts County Councils, local churches and other food providers on this in order to see provision developed and extended wherever there is a need.

There are many food banks, community meals and cafes all aimed at providing free or low cost meals and community. If you are considering starting something, we would encourage you to find out what's already going on in your area. Some useful links:


Map of church drop ins and cafes in Notts


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