We’re coordinating and developing networks and building relationships between projects and agencies to increase effectiveness.

We’re motivating and mobilising church groups to serve their local community to help tackle poverty.

There are a lot of good things already happening locally and we are passionate about connecting like-minded people. It’s not just about doing more but also about working together to share the experienceand expertise that different people have, in order to sustain people and have lasting impact. One of the things we love about local churches and community groups is that they are in it for the long haul and we want to do whatever we can to support them.

JOIN US in our bid to transform lives and communities by taking any of the following steps:

  • Explore how, for your church, It Starts Here
  • Volunteer your time and energy
  • Donate your money either with a regular or one-off gift
  • Pray regularly for our most deprived communities, for all those seeking to support and transform them
  • Sign-up for our newsletter with the form below and keep informed
Transforming Notts places high value on building relationships, whether local, across areas or across the country.
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TNT is pleased to work with the national Places Of Welcome Network as the Notts Area Coordinator. It is a growing network of local community groups providing their neighbourhoods with…
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We believe that families should have access to a good meal all year round. We have supported a number of holiday projects where children and young people receive a meal…
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For many, the need in local areas can feel overwhelming and it can be hard to know where to start and what to do. We have a desire to act,…
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