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Grief & Bereavement Support

In the last year, we have seen a tsunami of Grief overwhelming the nation, with few left unaffected


Did you know that the Bereavement is actually an Old English word that means to “rob”, “deprive” and “seize”? I think all of us have experienced those feelings with the impact of Covid 19 this last year. Some will also have faced the unbearable, the death of a loved one, on their own without the usual rites of passage, family and friends to support them.

Grief is complicated and no one ever has the same journey but having someone to walk with you is a gift as grief does need to be witnessed and felt as part of the healing process. Comforting those who mourn is something we are called to do but often don’t know where to start..

One of the aims of TNT is to support and encourage churches as they engage with their communities and so we want to be able to help individuals to feel better equipped in this area. Our hope is that at the point of need, individuals in churches across the county will be able to signpost and support those they know who have experienced profound loss.

Grief and Loss Workshops

This workshop is an opportunity to understand more about Grief and Loss and its impact, particularly as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. There will be time to share and discuss. but It will also be very practical. Areas covered include what to do, what not to say as well as looking at ideas for ways that you could support those in your community, resources and signposting suggestions so helping them to remember those who have died and opportunities they have lost, with more love than pain and to live fully in the face of that loss.

To find out more, please contact Julia Terry

Upcoming Dates

Next FREE Grief and Loss Workshop 10am-12.30pm via zoom on

Wednesday 10th August

Tuesday 6th September

Thursday 6th October

Email julia@transformingnottstogether.org.uk to book on

Feedback from Grief & Loss Workshops

"Thank you for a warm and approachable welcome. I felt inspired to go forward with helping my community in their loss and grief. The resources will be very useful. I will be feeding back to my church leaders to see what we can do together. Thank you very much."
"Well run, good information, and some great ideas on group support options."
"I think the workshop was well structured, giving enough time for group discussion to absorb the information given and to hear ideas of how to practically apply it. Very useful workshop on a difficult subject."

Setting up a Grief Support Group

Compassion means to “Suffer with” and if after attending the Grief and Loss Workshop your church would like to set up a safe place for those who are grieving to come and be supported then the next step would be to attend the Setting up a Grief Support Group. It is a 2.5 hour session where we will discuss together setting up, content and ideas of how to run a group. There will be practical resources, zoom training, signposting to useful websites and other useful materials. There are now a number of churches throughout Notts who are on this journey and there will be an opportunity to meet with others to encourage and support in this important area. Please contact Julia@transformingnottstogether.org.uk for more details

“There was such a freedom to ask questions knowing that there were those amongst the group who would help by sharing experiences, resources and information. Thought the Feelings Tree was so helpful. Think it is a very good idea to do the Grief and Loss Workshops for anyone wanting to run a support group.”
“It has been really helpful to think about the different ways these groups can be done well and how to avoid some pitfalls from sharing experiences, thank you”

Upcoming Dates

Next FREE Setting Up Grief Support Group Workshop 10am-12noon via zoom on

Wednesday 6th July

Wednesday 9th November

Email julia@transformingnottstogether.org.uk to book on


Our funding to facilitate churches locally to set up befriending projects has now come to an end. However, if this is something that you would like to explore as a church or community, please contact Linking Lives UK and they will be able to talk you through next steps with this.

Grief Signposting for Individuals

If you, or someone you know, would like to access support for bereavement, AtaLoss is an excellent national organisation that collates information about different support local to where you are.

Other excellent charities include:

Care for the Family


SANDS Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Charity


Forever Stars (East Midlands Based- baby loss)


Alternatively, you may find some of the resources listed on our Mental Health Awareness Week page to be helpful.


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