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We are proud to live and work in a county which has such a strong heritage of serving those in need. If you would like to volunteer locally but are not sure where to start, or if you'd love to volunteer to support TNT in our mission then get in touch!

To get an appreciation of the impact of poverty in Nottinghamshire use the following two links:

  • Start here by finding out more about the level of poverty in your parish and how this compares with other parishes locally and nationally.
  • This poverty map visualises Index of Multiple Deprivation 2015 data within parishes, showing areas of relative deprivation or affluence. Search the map of poverty, by entering a postcode or parish name and UK, (e.g. Mansfield, UK).

All over the county there are organisations and churches serving and loving those in their local communities. And at TNT we want to do all we can to support that. If you would like to volunteer or start a new activity locally, then we may be able to help.

You may like to see our map of churches already opening their doors to their local communities and get involved with what's already happening. Feel free to contact them direct to see if you can pop along and see what they do in action. We think one of the best ways to start is to go and see some places for yourself. Be inspired by what others are doing and the visions they have.

At TNT we would love to build on what we can offer across the county. Volunteers at TNT can get involved in many ways from behind the scenes but vital admin, gathering stories from churches, visiting and reporting on projects in social media, to supporting us to deliver free workshops or new initiatives to get off the ground. Volunteering with us might be of particular interest to those considering working in the voluntary sector, or people wishing to gain an overview of what work is already going on in the county. If you're interested in volunteering with us, get in touch with Hannah Buck.

If you'd like to consider starting something new in your area, find out more about how we can support you with that through one of our workshops, Getting Started in Your Community.

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JOIN US in our bid to transform lives and communities by taking any of the following steps:

  • Explore how, for your church, It Starts Here.
  • Volunteer your time and energy
  • Donate your money either with a regular or one-off gift
  • Pray regularly for our most deprived communities, for all those seeking to support and transform them
  • Sign-up for our newsletter with the form below and keep informed