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Older People

'Telephone calls and writing letters' - How a Notts Charity is Supporting Older People

We asked our friends at the Wainman Trust to share how they have been continuing to support older people during this time.

Our clubs had to close on March 18 in response to government guidelines and we set about organising a support network for the members of which there are 70+. As the clubs were set up to help combat isolation and loneliness it was important to us that we provided as much support as possible to prevent a slide into depression as a result of enforced isolation.

We are also delighted that so far only one of our members, who is 93 years old, has been in hospital with COVID-19. She has since recovered and has left hospital.

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Letter Writing - We have a letter writing scheme which sends a letter and picture to every member at least once a fortnight. No personal information, other than first names, is exchanged and all letters go through the Coordinator who re-directs them accordingly. To ensure no-one gets left out a database detailing each writer and recipient helps us keep tabs on who has received a letter and when.

The scheme was advertised on our Facebook page and the response was gratifying. So many people said that they were really excited about doing something useful whilst they couldn't go to work. The scheme has been received very enthusiastically by the members who are delighted with them.

Telephone Support - Our support involves phoning every member a minimum of once a week for a proper chat. Most get two calls and if they have problems then as many as it takes to solve the problem. As well as relieving the isolation it also serves to inform us when they are ill, needing shopping or meds collecting and in one case a poorly pet cat that needed a trip to the vets. The local food bank provides and delivers groceries to those members on a low income or needing additional support.

Newsletter - Each member receives a Newsletter every two weeks which is adapted accordingly with pictures and information pertaining to them and their locality. This is also posted to friends and neighbours of members who would like one.

Thank you to the Wainman Trust for sharing how they are supporting older people in our county. To find out more about the work they do and how you can get involved head to their website: