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CHANGE OF DATE! Mental Wellbeing Event for Churches

Since organising the event, we have become aware of three other events taking place that evening within the Diocese, Near Neighbours and our networks.

Our heart at Transforming Notts Together is always to build up The Church and work with people, not against. As such, we have taken the decision to reschedule 'How Can The Church in Nottinghamshire Support Mental Wellbeing?' for the 25th November to show our support for these.

On Thursday 25th November (7pm-8.30pm), we are hosting an online event for churches/ Christians in Nottinghamshire to consider how we might respond to the growing need around mental ill health, and support people in our communities on their journey back to emotional and mental wellbeing.

Over an hour and a half, we will hear stories of how some churches have responded- what has/ hasn’t worked well, learn about some useful resources and connect with others also grappling with this locally. We will be joined by local and national ambassadors of Renew Wellbeing and Kintsugi Hope, as well as some local churches who have responded in different ways such as Arnold Methodist Church, who have a weekly mental health group. The evening will include a Q&A with contributors to help us consider what our response as churches could be in terms of mental health support. Participants will receive follow up resources for signposting and support.

About Our Contributors…

Renew Wellbeing (https://www.renewwellbeing.org.uk/)

Renew Wellbeing helps churches open spaces of welcome and inclusion in partnership with mental health teams to improve mental and emotional wellbeing. These spaces are designed for adults but we are also creating safe spaces for children, young people and their families (CYF). Renew spaces are simple cafe style spaces run by local churches where hobbies and activities are shared or co-produced. Each cafe space is attached to a quiet room or prayer space where inner habits of wellbeing are shared. Each church partners with a mental health professional from the local council to ensure good inclusive practices for safe spaces where it's OK not to be OK can be sustained. There’s support if it gets too much. People are easy to talk to and my partner is happy to leave me knowing I will be ok. It is local to where I live, there is a friendly atmosphere. All ages are welcome and men too! It’s well run and a pleasure.”


Kintsugi Hope (https://www.kintsugihope.com/)

Kintsugi Hope is a charity based in the UK striving to make a difference to people’s mental wellbeing.
'Kintsugi' (金継ぎ) is a Japanese technique for repairing pottery with seams of gold. The word means 'golden joinery' in Japanese. This repairs the brokenness in a way that makes the object more beautiful, and even more unique than it was prior to being broken. Instead of hiding the scars it makes a feature of them. Kintsugi Hope was founded by Diane and Patrick Regan OBE after a series of operations and events that took them to the brink; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. They faced illness and loss in their family and community.

Kintsugi can help equip your church to run wellbeing groups for adults, students and youth, as well as consider how you can become a Mental Health Friendly Church. They have a vision of starting a movement of Kintsugi Hope Wellbeing Groups where people can experience:

  • Safety and support where there is no shame and embarrassment in struggling
  • An increase in self-worth, confidence and wellbeing
  • A deeper understanding of the reality of God's love for them
  • Clear pathways to receive additional support if needed.

Arnold Methodist Church MH Group

Arnold Methodist Church run a weekly group (Fridays 11am-2pm) for people with mental health issues, carers, families and friends in Nottinghamshire. They provide a listening ear, games, crafts and pastoral support. They also display a range of leaflets and signpost to outside agencies and charities. For more information contact Phil and Sue at contactus@arnoldmethodistchurch.org

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