Saltmine Theatre Company Autumn '22 Production

Saltmine are promoting their new production for Autumn 2022- 'The Liberator'- which focusses on the ministry of Jesus Christ, and which makes an ideal creative outreach event...

The Liberator

In a city just like yours, hope is in short supply. Politicians are corrupt, power overthrows justice, and hypocrisy and cynicism seem to be in the very air and in the bloodstream. Yet when a strange man comes to town, peculiar things start to happen: the sick rise from their beds, the dead live again, and people lost to addiction and their own desires are suddenly freed. But who is he? And how long before the powers that be crack down on this subversive, this radical, this ‘Liberator’?

Inspired by the work of Rob Lacey and told in his memory, The Liberator is a passionate retelling of the Gospel of Matthew. Told in a modern idiom, this is a gospel at once faithful and utterly fresh.

As churches negotiate their way back to ‘normal’, Saltmine Theatre Company hopes that this original and compelling drama will be a resource to support community outreach whilst encouraging believers’ confidence in the uncompromising yet compassionate Christ. The Liberator would be an ideal launch event for an Alpha or Freedom in Christ course, an invitation to re-connect with the church, or simply an inspiring celebration of Jesus’ ministry.

  • A two-hour production (including interval) suitable for adults and secondary-aged young people
  • A performance space of 6m wide by 6m deep by 5m high is needed for staging this show. Possible venues - large churches/ community halls/ theatres
  • A team of six actors plus a technician will set up, deliver and pack down this performance
  • Proposed premiere tour dates: 17th September – 9th October 2022
  • Suggested minimum donation - £1,300 + travel costs for 2 vehicles*

*Bookers are welcome to set their own ticket prices to recoup this donation. Might your churches together group / churches in your diocese, circuit or cluster collaborate to book, fund and promote a performance in your area?

To reserve a date or to enquire further please contact or 01384 454800. We hope that we can bring The Liberator to your area.