Introducing Lindsay

The TNT team has continued to grow over the last few months, read on to find out more about Lindsay Cressey who has joined with a focus on Near Neighbours.

Lindsay Cressey

Welcome to the Transforming Notts Together team Lindsay! What is your new role?

Hi! I've just become the Near Neighbours Coordinator for Nottingham, which will involve strengthening relationships with lots of people running (or hoping to run) social action projects. I'll also be able to help people with new ideas to apply for grants to try something new, and provide a bit of support, facilitation and training where I can.

So, what were you doing before you joined TNT?

I worked for Grace Church Nottingham for 6 years overseeing Social Justice; running a midweek congregation, overseeing a food bank and drop-in cafe and supporting volunteers running groups and projects.

How have your first few weeks with Transforming Notts Together been?

There is a lot to learn! My predecessor established some links with wonderful folks around Nottingham, so one of my first jobs is to say hello to people already connected with Near Neighbours. Sadly, many projects are not running at the moment, so visiting people out and about is on hold alongside the grant scheme, until further notice! But it's been great to begin to explore all the ways Near Neighbours (and TNT) seek to engage lots of different people in working together.

Where in Nottinghamshire are you based?

I live in the Meadows and work around Nottingham - mainly from home at the moment!

What are your hopes for Nottinghamshire?

I hope to see groups work together within their localities, starting up new ways of engaging their neighbours, and building strong understanding of one another despite different values and ways of doing things. I hope for neighbourhoods in Nottingham to become increasingly easy, hospitable places to live and thrive.

What encouraging stories could you share?

It's been very uplifting to read about Near Neighbours projects across the UK where genuine change has been achieved. I'm looking forward to meeting some of the people behind these stories, and also those who will be part of future stories! The potential for collaboration and friendship across very diverse groups is endless - this season of lockdown, alongside the huge revisit many of us have made to how we consider race has paved the way for some excellent steps forwards this year and ongoing. The UK will look different, hopefully for the better, and we want to be involved!

Do you have any biblical reflections that relate to the work of TNT?​

Jesus spent a lot of time relating to people one at a time - he understood need, and he always had something to give: truth, healing, deliverance, forgiveness. He is our great Example of how to care for anyone we encounter, and the best advocate for social action since he valued the alleviation of suffering so highly. TNT supports so many people who are in the business of caring for people and we can feel hugely encouraged to be treading in the footprints of Jesus and carrying one of His major priorities in our hearts as we work.

If you'd like to get in contact with Lindsay to find out more about the Covid Cash Course, you can find her contact details here.