Get to Know us

Introducing Julia!

We asked Julia a few questions to help you get to know her; she joined the Transforming Notts Together Team nearly 2 months ago. As she is not able to be out and about across Nottinghamshire meeting with you we thought it would be good to have an interview!

Julia Terry pic

Welcome to the Transforming Notts Together team Julia! What is your new role?

I have joined TNT as a Development worker. My role includes supporting and resourcing networks between churches, agencies and projects; developing a Dementia Friendly Church network, a Dementia friendly church programme and I am the Coordinator for Places of Welcome in Nottinghamshire.

So, what were you doing before you joined TNT?

Before TNT I was the Project Manager of the Jericho Road Project in Nottingham.

How have your first few weeks with Transforming Notts Together been?

I was really looking forward to getting out ‘n’ about meeting and encouraging local groups, developing networks, supporting projects... but with lockdown I have been learning different ways of doing community and using the time to read and develop resources.

Where in Nottinghamshire are you based?

I’m based at home, in lovely Mansfield but cover all of the county, thankfully I like driving!

What are your hopes for Nottinghamshire?

As a project leader I have seen the benefits of networking and support that TNT can offer so I am very keen to encourage other leaders build to a more resilient resource base and develop community. If this time has shown us anything it’s the need for community! Not just with IT through Whatsapp or Zoom but by clapping the NHS, sticking up pictures of rainbows on our windows and neighbours talking again over the garden fence!

What encouraging stories could you share?

While this is an extraordinary and fragile season of life, it is also one so full of opportunity,..to learn new ways of doing things like Zoom, online learning and reading! As well as the gift of heart and soul conversations with work colleagues family and friends. And through frustrations learning be still and know that He is God.

Do you have any biblical reflections that relate to the work of TNT?

I like to think TNT is a bit like the four friends of the paralytic who removed a roof to bring a friend to Jesus, through working together they saw a life set free. Similarly I think TNT’s role is to support and encourage projects, agencies and churches working together to remove poverty in their communities. And I also see that TNT is a bit like the woman at the well who met Jesus and could wait to tell everyone else, we are about increasing effectiveness, motivating and mobilizing. You need a presence to be able to do that and hopefully my role is to contribute to that voice!

If you’d like to get in contact with Julia please email her at Julia@transformingnottstogether.org.uk