Interfaith Gathering - Fasting, Prayer and Action

We were delighted to host an Interfaith Gathering on Thursday 21st March as part of our Near Neighbours work. Our Near Neighbours development worker, Samra, organised a wonderful event bringing together different faiths and cultures.

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Representatives from the Muslim, Jewish and Christian faith spoke about how prayer, fasting and action were important in their religion. The 21st of March was a significant date this year for all 3 religions. Bishop Andy Emerton (Bishop of Sherwood) spoke about the background of prayer, fasting and action for Christians in Lent. Rabbi Gili Zidkiyahu (Nottingham Liberal Synagogue) informed us that Jews were honouring Ta'anit Esther (the fast of Esther) and therefore abstaining from food and drink from dawn until nightfall (full dark). Marwa Soliman from Heya, Nottingham spoke about how fasting, prayer and action were pivotal in the Muslim faith, particularly during Ramadan (as it was on the day we met). As our event was held in the evening, after pausing for our Muslim friends to pray, we ate a light supper together to observe the breaking of the fast (Iftar).

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Bishop Andy Emerton shares the significance of prayer and fasting to Christian's particularly over the period of Lent.
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Over supper, there was a chance for attendees to meet, share work and connect with each other.
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Samra shared with the group that 6 of the 7 funding applications put forward through the Near Neighbours grant, had been successful, a fantastic success rate! Samra is now off on Maternity Leave and we wish her well, and hope to see her later in the year.