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How can I support charities during COVID-19?

As we reach the end of 2020, the impact of Covid continues to be felt across the county- especially in homes with lower income or where sudden job losses have left people vulnerable financially. So we would encourage you to take time to prayerfully consider next steps and look at what other churches and organisations in your area are already doing.

Supporting Foodbanks

Foodbanks have been a vital part of our food system for many years now
and will play an increasingly crucial part in the weeks and months to

Here are some ways you can support you local foodbank:

1. Donating Food - Check drop off times or at your local supermarket drop off point

2. Donating Money

3. Volunteering

If you are unable to donate food items, foodbanks would be very grateful for a monetary donation. Our foodbanks remain a vital part of our support systems. With the situation changing daily, the best thing to do is to follow your local foodbank on social media or get in touch directly to see what is needed and how you can help.


The Trussell Trust support over 1200 foodbanks in the UK, you can find your local Trussell Trust foodbank here.

Many foodbanks are working with wider networks to explore how they increase their capacity over the next few months using for example sports hall and local hubs. Hope Nottingham coordinate many of the foodbanks in the Nottingham area. They are working with the local councils and churches to ensure that the foodbank is able to continue to meet the need for food parcels.

Supporting local charities in Nottinghamshire

Nottingham County Council is collating info about all groups and charities supporting people who are self isolating. If you are staying at home because of Coronavirus and need help head to the page for information for each District.

If you are responsible for a community group, faith group, charity, parish or town council and are not listed but are planning to support people who are self-isolating they would like to hear from you.

You can find information for:






Newark and Sherwood

Nottingham City