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After a slow start, Tea & Toast in St Ann's, Nottingham is gaining momentum and new friendships are being formed. One young mum walked in after seeing a sign and is now a Tuesday morning regular …

In the Summer of last year 'Tea and Toast on Tuesday' launched in St Ann's with Emmanuel. The Parish Vicar, Rev Maureen Collins, was keen to set up a place where people could pop into for community. St Ann's is one of the most deprived areas in Nottingham and so many projects have come and gone over the years. Although there are advice centres close by, there was nowhere that people could just pop into for community.

After the launch, numbers seemed low and the Vicar recognised that the parents and carers on the school run were a potential group of visitors. So we, at TNT, suggested a simple form of outreach (handing out free coffees and leaflets) to the local parents to increase visibility of the church and the group.

The Vicar said, 'People are beginning to know we are here, a few weeks ago we had 7 new people turn up!' A local mum, whose child attends the nearby primary, said 'I needed to feed my 9-month old daughter, saw the sign and thought I'd pop in. I've been coming ever since. If I wasn't here I'd just be at home.'

Through repeated conversation two of the women realised that they are both without company most days, so have orgnaised to meet regularly throughout the week.

By opening the church building and hosting the community intentionally every week, connections are being made and relationships are being formed.

Tea and Toast On Tuesday is a part of the Places of Welcome network, if you would like to find out more about Places of Welcome email Hannah at or visit Places of Welcome.

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