Let's Talk Money: Young People is a FREE workshop that youth leaders or teachers can book for their young people.

So many people have experiences of entering adulthood without being equipped with basic money skills such as knowing where to start when creating a budget. And so, we have developed this workshop to help your young people grow into adults who manage money and budget well, meaning that they will be better prepared for a poverty-free future.

Feedback about the Workshop

“Great initiative & a really good way of approaching the topic of money with young people. The session was delivered really well in a relaxed engaging way, full of practical tips & tools. A refreshing approach to helping equip young people for their future.”

"Thank you to the Transforming Notts team for coming to our drop in to deliver the Cash Course. The course helped our ladies learn more about budgeting and looking after their money. It was great to hear them share their own experiences of dealing with money and sharing ideas how they could save. It was presented well and easy to follow, talking about money and budgeting can be a very scary and daunting experience especially if you don’t have much money coming in but the video, discussion and tools help create a space for an easy and open chat. The ladies all enjoyed the course and felt they had learnt something important to use in their lives."

"It was very well put together and well received by our young people and their parents. I felt it was pitched at just the right level... Afterwards one of the young people text me to thank me for encouraging her because she was reluctant to join in but had found it very useful. Lauren and Lindsay were great hosts and made them all feel comfortable and at ease."


Our hope is that your young people would:

  1. Be encouraged to spend in a well-informed way
  2. Understand the importance of saving
  3. Grow in confidence on how to build and manage a budget and the tools available for further support

Want to book?

The workshop is full of discussions and activities, which can be delivered via video call online or in-person. It is aimed for those aged 14-20 years old.

We also have an adult version for Urdu speakers. Please enquire for details.

For more information or to book the workshop for your youth group, please contact Sue Buckby on sue@transformingnottstogether.org.uk


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