Baby & Toddler Groups

There are many baby / toddler groups operating each day of the week. The best advice you can give is to encourage parents / carers to check out their local GP’s waiting room, health clinic, library, advice centre or newsagents for details of groups.

Nottingham City Council have a useful resource - Ask Lion – that gives lots of information about life in the city including child care, toddler groups and other support for families. To find out more click:

Support for Families | Ask Lion - Nottingham City Directory

For other play groups – ‘Happity’ is a useful link:

Baby & Toddler Classes Nottingham | Happity

Also, try and search for ‘Parent and toddler groups’ for a list that may (or may not be) up to date… you can always call the number on behalf of an individual to check the group is open.

If you know of groups running in or near the city centre, feel free to contact us on this email:

Support for Parents

Baby Basics Bank, Grace Church Nottingham
If you have a child between 0-2 years or are expecting a baby in the next month or so, you can receive a referral for some baby supplies, such as nappies, wipes, toiletries etc.
Email: or go along to Grace Church Food (NG7 1FT) from 12noon on Tuesday for a hot meal, connect with other carers with small children, and chat to one of the helpful team at Grace Church.