... this is never more true than for all the people we make contact with as we network with organisations and reach out to churches to get people actively involved with our mission.


We realise that without growing relationships with people we cannot achieve our aim of tackling poverty in all its forms in the hardest hit places in the county.


We're currently working through all our contacts to check whether they still want to actively participate in our work. This is always a good thing to do. But right now we, like all other organisations (including churches), are seeking to comply with the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) which come into force in May. GDPR underlines the importance of handling personal data correctly. It gives our contacts new rights, in terms of knowing what data we hold, how we handle it and how it can be corrected or deleted. This is important stuff and it's having an impact on the way we process and securely store personal data. 


One of the first things you'll notice about the impact of GDPRE is the privacy notices we display when collecting personal data. For instance, when people sign up for our Newsletter and we collect their details, including email address, the notice will explain why we need the data and what we will and won't do with it.


We're currently working through old mailing lists and inviting people to re-subscribe to our new, 'clean' mailing list.



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