When I first started meeting church and community leaders in Worksop, one of the church leaders reflected that he felt people who had lived in Worksop for a long time had a worse opinion of it than newcomers. He felt this was related to the depiction of Worksop by the local press (as well as historical factors). I later met with the Quakers in Worksop and the same issue was raised and we talked together about potential ways to tackle this, such as though positive press releases. More recently, leaders of two churches in Worksop (Methodist/URC and an independent church) started talking about forming a group to encourage and foster a more positive approach to and ownership of the town. Shortly after the Salvation Army leader and I also joined. This is part of CWT (Churches |Working Together in Worksop).

My hope is that this venture will increase the confidence of individuals and of groups and maybe lead to a development in community enhancing activities such as shared eating and creative activities. Another church leader had commented that Worksop has historically had a lot of services that meet need, but not so many providing leisure opportunities.

The first event held by Love Worksop was a photography competition which took place this November with the awards ceremony mid December. The categories for this were Best Hidden Treasure, Best 16 & Under and Best Overall. There was a tie for best overall and two of the four winners are displayed below.

Love Worksop’s official launch will be during the week of prayer for Christian Unity and will be at The Crossing Church and Centre Sunday Jan 21st 6pm.

Banner photo by 

Margaret Edge: Best Hidden Treasure