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Notts Churches' Response to Ukrainian Refugees (Local Support)

In conjunction with the Diocese of Southwell, Nottingham Citizens, Nottingham City Prayer, Welcome Churches, Refugee Roots and local church leaders, we have pulled together some resources to help churches and individuals respond locally to the support of Ukrainian refugees. This includes information for those seeking refuge, sponsors and those in churches who can support in other ways


Nottingham is the home of Robin Hood, Nottingham Forest and Goose Fair. We welcome you to our city – and whilst we know that you would have preferred to have not had to make the hard choices that you have made, we are here to support you in making Nottingham your home – regardless of how long you are here.

This information is both for you and your host or sponsor – to help you settle and access services that you will need and to make new friends.

Ukrainians coming to this country under the Governments sponsorship scheme, will already have accommodation as this will be a requirement of the scheme. Ukrainians will be entitled to live, work, study and access public funds, and can remain here for up to 3 years.

Sponsors will need to signpost and support the sponsored refugees access the following:

  • Communication Booklet (Section A)
  • Access ESOL classes (Section A)
  • Application for school/college (Section A)
  • Registering with GP/NHS (Section A)
  • Cultural needs eg church, Cultural centre (Section B)
  • Wellbeing support and befriending (Section B)
  • Claiming benefits/employment support (Section B)

A: Communication Booklet

Our friends at the Diocese of Rochester have put together a helpful communication booklet, in both Ukrainian and English, to aid communication between hosts and those arriving from Ukraine. Access it at: https://mcusercontent.com/56c8...

A: Settling In Nottingham:

-Where can I go to learn English?

-How do I find a school place for my children?

-What do I do if I am unwell?

Where can I go to learn English?

English language classes
Cornerstone Church
English Classes running on Wednesday mornings. For all levels and ages. Currently online using Zoom.
Email: learnenglish@cornerstonechurch.org.uk
Tel: 07724 657364

St Nic's
Free online English classes using Zoom, please contact organisers for more information.
Running every Monday (term time).
Email: english@stnics.org
Tel: 0775 691 9361

Refugee Roots
In person, online and one to one opportunities
Email: kanana@refugeeroots.org.uk or
Phone: 0746 209 273

St Helen’s Burton Joyce

Currently hosting language classes for Ukrainian refugees in our area.

Wednesday evenings, 6pm-7.30pm

St Helen’s Church Centre, and are led by a TEFL qualified teacher.

Phone: 07535017591

SFiCE Foundation

- Tuesday mornings, 10.30am-12pm
- Locaton is on Zoom.
- You must book in advance by sending a Facebook message,
emailing our teacher, or calling
- hannah@sfice.org // 07941378265
- https://www.facebook.com/sficefoundation

One of the clear needs to come out of the online partnership events is that of more capacity for English language classes. If this is something that you or your church could help with, please contact admin@transformingnottstogether.org.uk

How do I find a school place for my child/ren?

To apply for a school place, you must first find accommodation and then apply
through the local council.
In England, the academic year is calculated as of the 1st of September.
5 - 18y The legal requirement for children to receive full time education.
4 - 11y Key Stages 1 and 2 can be called primary, junior, or infant school.
11 - 16y Secondary school for Key Stage 3 and 4 culminating in GCSEs
17 - 18y "Sixth form for Key Stage 5 culminating in A levels, or college or an

School Information for Nottinghamshire (7 Boroughs)

School Information for Nottingham City Only

What do I do if I am unwell?

Registering with GP

Anyone in England can register with a GP surgery. It's free to register. You do not need proof of address or immigration status, ID or an NHS number. You might be able to register with a GP surgery that's not in the area you live.

GP surgeries are usually the first contact if you have a health problem. They can treat many conditions and give health advice. They can also refer you to other NHS services.

See more information at: https://www.nhs.uk/nhs-services/gps/how-to-register-with-a-gp-surgery/

B: Support in Nottingham

Many of those coming will be women with children travelling alone. It is therefore important that they are encouraged to develop a safe community, not only from the host and their church, but from the wider Notts community including cultural and faith needs. Most Ukrainians would identify themselves as Ukrainian Orthodox or Catholic. Nottingham does not have a Ukrainian Orthodox church. There is a Ukrainian Catholic church, and a Ukrainian Cultural centre.

Nottingham Ukrainian Cultural Centre:

403 Mansfield Rd Sherwood NG5 2DP. Tel: 0115 9620300


Our Lady of Perpetual Succour & St Alban Ukrainian Catholic church

Orthodox church-

12 West St, Nottingham NG2 4QY

Parish Priest Very Revd David Senyk


European food shops- There are specialist food shops in different areas of Nottingham including Beeston, Nottingham City Centre, Radford, Hyson Green, and Sherwood. A search via the internet will show the option closest to you.

Information for Parents

Family Foundations, Grace Church Nottingham (launching 7th June 1-3pm)
If you have a child between 0-2 years or are expecting a baby in the next month or so, you can receive a referral for some baby supplies, such as nappies, wipes, toiletries etc.
Email: foodbank@gracechurchnottingham.org or go along to Grace Church Food (NG7 1FT) from 12noon on Tuesday for a hot meal, connect with other carers with small children, and chat to one of the helpful team at Grace Church.

Nottingham City Council have a useful resource - Ask Lion – that gives lots of information about life in the city including child care, toddler groups and other support for families. To find out more click:

Support for Families | Ask Lion - Nottingham City Directory

For other play groups – ‘Happity’ is a useful link:

Baby & Toddler Classes Nottingham | Happity

Befriending and Meeting new friends

Places of Welcome

Some churches and libraries have opened their doors to be Places of Welcome. These are places that are accessible to all, offering a space to be listened to over refreshments, where all can come to share their skills and gifts. To find out more:

Locations — Places of Welcome

Refugee Roots
New to Nottingham? Got to be somewhere and don’t know how to get there? If you need to visit a doctor, attend an appointment, or want to get to know the city of Nottingham better, we can help you. Our volunteers can accompany you to appointments giving you the confidence and reassurance you need.
Web: www.refugeeroots.org.uk
Email: adam@refugeeroots.org.uk
Tel: 0746 209 2732

Wellbeing Resources

Those that are coming to the UK from Ukraine, as well as those who are supporting and walking alongside, may need some extra support for their mental wellbeing. This is not an exhaustive list but some helpful reference points might be:

Local Authority: Nottinghamshire County Council have a page on their website detailing some of the support services that you can self-refer into. Anyone coming from Ukraine has a right to access these health services.


Refugee Council: The Refugee Council has 20 years' experience of understanding and supporting those who are arriving in the UK and carrying deep trauma. See https://www.refugeecouncil.org... for information of their support.

Wellbeing Cafes: In Nottingham we have a strong network of Renew Wellbeing Cafes. A Renew space is a place where “everybody knows your name”, where all are valued and no one is labelled. It is a space where anyone can suggest an activity, share a hobby, learn a new skill, make connections and be signposted to any help they need. It is a space where it is understood that we are all on a sliding scale of mental wellbeing and where it is possible to access help from the council’s mental health team without referral. It is a space where any faith and none are welcome to belong, to reduce social isolation and deal with the causes of mental and emotional ill health. It is a space where people can encounter God’s love and develop healthy inner practices of prayer and meditation. See https://www.renewwellbeing.org... to find one local to you.

British Red Cross: The British Red Cross have a number of resources on their website, in both English and Ukrainian about wellbeing and trauma support. Go to https://www.redcross.org.uk/ge...

Samaritans: The Samaritans are a well established organisation in the UK with highly trained volunteers to listen to you at any time, but especially if you are feeling very distressed. You can call for free from a mobile or landline on 116 123 at any time, night or day, or email jo@samaritans.org and expect a response within 24 hours. They all have a free app you can download from any app store to help you help yourself.

Hope Magazines: Good News for Everyone (formerly known as Gideons UK) have been producing their Hope Magazines, full of scripture and encouragement, in both English and Ukrainian. These are available for free by visiting the website or by emailing Ben Worth

Claiming Benefits

The UK Government has assured those arriving in the UK from the Ukraine that there will be full and immediate access to benefit support: https://www.gov.uk/government/...

In practice, there may be a lot of forms to navigate to access these. 'Translation services are available to help new arrivals with phone applications, with Work Coaches in DWP Jobcentres on hand to support people making claims online.' To find your nearest Jobcentre click here and enter the postcode of where you are living.

We will continue to populate this section with signposting as we hear from local partners who are best placed to help with benefits and/ or employment support.

Another initial point of contact would be the Citizens Advice Bureau, see their website http://citizensadvicenottingha... on how to make an appointment to get support.

C: How you can help

There are a few ways that you can help. First you could register an interest in being a host/sponsor. For further information please see Sanctuary foundation

Sanctuary foundation- include link

- Sanctuary Foundation | Supporting New Arrivals from Ukraine

In addition this link has some very helpful tools

Church of England toolkit


Welcome churches have experience in supporting churches to welcome refugees from Hong Kong, Syria and Afghanistan. For further information about Ukraine Welcome go to https://welcomechurches.org/uk...

“I am unable to host but want to help- what can I do?”

Over the coming weeks and months we expect the needs for support to become clearer- at the moment no one knows how many will come to the UK on this scheme.

We will keep our website updated with needs as they arise and share them by email & our @transformnotts social media so please check there.

In the meantime- Refugee Roots are in need of more volunteers and the Arches, Sharewear, Hope foodbanks and Baby Basics are all receiving donations- what they need can be found on their websites.

The Ukrainian Cultural Centre have also expressed some areas of need but please don’t contact them as an individual as they are extremely busy at the moment and we are working with them to help coordinate support for them from churches.

Any questions please contact Caroline@transformingnottstogether.org.uk

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