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For many, the need in local areas can feel overwhelming and it can be hard to know where to start and what to do. We have a desire to act, but working out how best to help those in need around can feel like a minefield.

TNT offers a number of workshops to enable people in organisations and churches help tackle poverty in local communities.

Courses TNT is currently running:

  • Cash Smart Credit Savvy
  • Universal Credit Savvy
  • Getting Started in your Neighbourhood
  • Signposting

These workshops are all about starting small and starting well. We use practical tools to explore these questions and consider what you have the potential to do.

It may also be useful if you are running a number of activities but are aware that they could be more effective or be developed. Workshop sessions are flexible to suit the local context and situation of the organisation or church and can be extended if needed.

Feedback from Getting Started workshops:

I found the whole morning really helpful. It was really interesting how, after discussion and working together we discovered so much about ourselves. This was really encouraging. I found the exercise about neighbours very challenging – i.e. how little time I spend in meaningful conversation with others. Hannah was brilliant - very encouraging and prayerful. Very good at drawing things out of us in a prayerful and gentle way. This morning was really helpful to help us to take stock of what the church St Peter and St Paul’s is and does, and will help us to prepare for the future. Thank you for sharing so much of your own experience with us, and for reminding us of our calling to spread the good news of Jesus as we engage in our social events.

Feedback at St Peter & St Paul's Hucknall

If you’d like to invite TNT to come and run a workshop at your church, then do get in touch with Hannah Buck


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