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Faith Action Newark & Sherwood

We are excited to be exploring a new network in the North and East of the County...

At the beginning of October we had our first ever meeting to explore setting up a ‘Faith Action Newark & Sherwood’ network to bring together churches that are active in their local communities. The vision and aims will be defined in the coming months but will include building relationships, sharing ideas and resources and working together to tackle issues as needs arise. The district council’s communities team have been extremely supportive of the network and will help as needed.

TNT helped initiate the meeting having spoken to a few church leaders in the borough who felt such a network could be really helpful. Many in churches have ‘stepped up’ to respond to crises locally but now we need to look at our response for the coming months and years. It makes sense to do this in a coordinated way and we are excited about seeing the network establish itself. At the first online meeting places represented included Ollerton, Newark, Warsop, Edwinstowe, Collingham and Southwell and many in the meeting had never met before.

If you’d like to find out more about this and join a meeting, contact Hannah Buck


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