At Transforming Notts Together we love hearing stories of how church communities are impacting their local area. When we heard about what has been happening in Stapleford, we had to share it..

"It was the summer of 2016 when a small group from St Helen’s, Stapleford began prayer walking around an estate at the far side of our town.  The estate had previously had a bit of bad press, but God seemed to be calling us to it. 

As we prayed, we began to realise that we might actually be part of the answers to those prayers.  We were able to meet with local people and hear their stories. 

We did some small scale outdoor events and discovered the community loved to come together.  

Then God began opening doors and providing funding so that in May 2017 The Church @ Montrose Court was established in an old hairdressers in a row of shops in the middle of the estate.

We have drop-in sessions in the week, run a foodbank and meet all ages together on Sunday afternoons.

We can see God transforming lives right before our eyes and we can’t wait to see how things will develop!"

Lydia Cartwright

If you would love to be more active in your local community but are not sure where to start why not get in touch with us at Transforming Notts Together?