Following a number of funerals in Blidworth, one church leader decided to write to all who had been bereaved and invite them to an afternoon tea and quiz afternoon. Fast forward a couple of years and a close community has come together…

Talk and Tea in Blidworth started after a local minister wrote letters to older people in the village who has been bereaved After an afternoon tea and quiz the group continued to meet and are still meeting to this day. Two Talk and Tea guests shared their stories with us, which you can read below.

“My wife of 57 years died in December 2014 after a very traumatic, two month illness. The speed of all this left me little time to take things in, and after my daughter returned to her home in Canada, the grief and loneliness were almost unbearable.

It was then that Marilyn Brown, Licensed Lay Minister from the church, who had taken the funeral, rang to ask if I would like to join them at Talk and Tea.

This proved to be one of the most helpful suggestions during this dreadful time. The chance to talk to others, who knew exactly what I was going through, was what helped me to get things into perspective, and the short service at the end of the meeting was so calming.

Nothing can ever take away the pain of your loss, but meetings such as Talk and Tea most certainly help.

I read these words recently that put this perfectly:-

“Those who think that there is a time limit when grieving have never lost a piece of their heart.””

“I first started going to church after the loss of my Husband. My friend I go to church with, asked if I’d like to go to Talk and Tea, I said yes. I was a bit shy at first but you soon make friends now I look forward to going to Talk and Tea as it has helped me feel a lot better about myself and helped me to make good friends and help others. I also had a baptism in a chapel and later was confirmed at Southwell Minster where friends and family came, it was the best thing and I felt so good about that day.”