Basic Budgeting for Young People is a FREE workshop that youth leaders or teachers can book for their young people.

Quote from a recent Youth Leader

"It was very well put together and well received by our young people and their parents. I felt it was pitched at just the right level... Afterwards one of the young people text me to thank me for encouraging her because she was reluctant to join in but had found it very useful. Lauren and Lyndsay were great hosts and made them all feel comfortable and at their ease."

What is the aim?

This is a workshop to help your young people grow into adults who manage money and budget well, meaning they are better prepared for a poverty-free future.

A slide from Basic Budgeting for Young People

What is covered?

This is a practical workshop that includes material from our adult courses, Cash Smart Credit Savy and COVID Cash Recovery, but with added relevance for your young people. It includes topics and engaging activities around:

  • Relationship with Money
  • Shopping Around / Price Comparison
  • Importance of Saving
  • Building a Budget
  • Considering COVID Impact on Finances
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Want to book?

"Basic Budgeting for Young People" is aimed at 16-20 year olds as they prepare for adulthood.

The session is around 1-hour and is done via Zoom (however we could explore an in-person session if you prefer).

For more information or to book the workshop for your youth group, please contact Lauren Parton:


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