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Loneliness and Isolation

Everyone needs friendship and conversation. Yet we know that loneliness and social isolation are real issues for lots of people in the UK – of all ages. And the number of people who describe themselves as lonely is growing every year.

We are supporting churches to set up new Places of Welcome, for community meals or safe spaces. Our hope is that there will be a warm and welcoming place at the heart of every community, that is open to all.

One such Place of Welcome opened at St Anns with Emmanuel church in September 2018. TNT went with some volunteers to give out free hot drinks outside a school down the road (with permission) to let carers know they were opening. One visitor said, “I needed to feed my 9 month old baby, saw the sign and thought I’d pop in. I’ve been coming ever since. If I wasn’t here, I’d just be at home.”

At another Place of Welcome in Cropwell Bishop, 2 ladies who were neighbours, but had never met, were introduced and have since become firm friends, having both recently been bereaved.

We are working with churches, community groups and referrers to build up a picture of what is already available in the county, as well as where the gaps are. Click on the button below for an interactive map of places in Nottinghamshire.

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Cropwell Bishop


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