Creating a National Movement for Financial Inclusion

Money Skills For All

People experiencing financial distress, particularly those on low incomes, are often reluctant to talk about their problems or seek help. And the complexity of different financial products, and the benefits and allowance systems, often makes the idea of finding a solution seem impossible.

TNT works through churches and local community groups to tackle these issues. We partner with the Just Finance Foundation to offer workshops like the Covid Cash Recovery for project staff and volunteers to teach them about budgeting and money management in order for them to help others build their financial confidence. We also have a new Let's Talk Money course, aimed at young people but also suitable as an introduction to budgeting for those with limited experience.

We believe that everyone can benefit from learning some simple, practical skills around budgeting and money management.

“I hadn’t thought about comparing my budgets for before and after the Coronavirus… so I’m definitely going to do that”·

“Really useful to learn about things like bills that could save me a lot of money this year”·

“I liked the section talking about money and mental health”·

“I already knew about Universal Credit changes but the other information will be useful for me”

(Feedback from Covid Cash Recovery, May 2020)

Just Finance Foundation

The Just Finance Foundation has a vision of a fair financial system and addresses the issues of financial exclusion, distress caused by unmanageable money worries and debt, and the lack of practical knowledge around budgeting, saving and spending.

As part of the Church Urban Fund, Just Finance works in partnership with local expressions of the Together Network to improve access to free debt advice, financial capability training, and appropriate financial services. It is also the pioneer of LifeSavers, a financial education programme for primary school children.

Working Together in Local Partnership

Within Nottinghamshire, Paul Street, Development Worker for LifeSavers, works within the team at Transforming Notts Together.

Paul joined Lifesavers in March 2020 and works for them three days a week. His background is firmly in primary education where he has worked as a teacher, county mathematics adviser and headteacher for the last thirty years. Lifesavers is a fantastic platform for helping children and families learn more about managing finances and Paul is really excited to be engaged in working with schools, families and children locally.


From September, Paul will be working with local schools to deliver the excellent LifeSavers course. This equips the next generation with lifeskills and a financial foundation that will help them navigate money well and make a positive difference to the lives of children and their future.


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