Quite simply, the statistics are staggering. Since 2010, the numbers of rough sleepers in England has increased by 165% and on any given night, 4,677 people are estimated to be sleeping rough. In Nottinghamshire, the highest numbers are in Nottingham, but are growing in others parts of the county including Mansfield and Newark.

TNT works with a number of great organisations across the county offering immediate relief such as meals, night shelters and healthcare, and longer term support such as housing, accessing benefits and employment.

It coordinates a number of networks to bring together service providers with other agencies. Networks like these promote relationships between organisations, leading to more holistic care and improved signposting. It helps members to avoid duplication, stretches resources further and be used more effectively.

If you would like to get involved in supporting rough sleepers, the best thing to do is contact a local charity already doing great work. Examples of these include:

The Friary (Nottingham)

Emmanuel House (Nottingham)

Framework Street Outreach (County wide)

The Beacon project (Mansfield)

If you would like support or initiate a network in your area, do get in touch with Hannah Buck.

A special leaflet is available with advice and contacts if you're trying to help someone who is homeless. It comes in either a City edition or County edition.


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