Nottinghamshire is a thriving and diverse county with an active voluntary and community sector. Unfortunately, it also has pockets with high levels of inequality and economic deprivation both in rural and urban areas.

We are proud to work alongside the many people who are striving to tackle poverty and isolation across the county. We seek to support them in their valuable work by helping to build networks, forging links between different service providers, raising the profile of what’s already happening and sharing innovative practice. We also work with churches and community organisations on a one to one basis providing bespoke support as they explore their hopes for their local community and how to fulfil them

We partner with churches, community groups, other faiths councils and the wider voluntary sector.

We try to follow an Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) model by partnering with communities to encourage, resource and catalyse the building of flourishing communities. Many people in communities, whether they are living out their faith or are motivated by a desire to help, are making a vital contribution to their communities. As austerity and cuts to funding continue, many services have been withdrawn and more and more we see faith and community groups not only remaining but even stepping up to be more committed to the communities they belong to.

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